As Techno Group Companies our prospect is, to headhunt and cultivate future leaders and pioneers in order to sustain mutual benefit. We are aiming at creating a work platform including the new and experienced employees to achieve an innovative and cretive prospect.

The resources we use to fins suitables candidates are;

  • Our CV library which gets updated regularly

  • Our advertisements on and

  • Headhunters and Recruitment Agencies

  • Our researches on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter

  • Our involvements at Career Days

  • Our participation for HR Fair, Seminar and Congress

  • Is-Kur and Engineering Chambers

We have a strong relationship with the Career Days to find the next manager. Our recruitment procedure does involve psychological analysis and personal development; not only professional competency.

Food Allowance:

At Tekno we provide food for our employees depending on their seasonal wishes which is provided hygienically by professional catering companies.


We provide and believe in data protection of our employees which are kept safely by HR. The private and confidential information WILL NOT be shared by the third parties unless it is permitted by the person or there is a legal obligation.

Shuttle Service:

At Tekno we also provide shuttle service for our covering many different routes.

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