Occupational Health And Safety Policy

Techno Group of Companies has adopted an occupational healt and safety policy that optimizes the level of safe and healty workplace environment, our policy is established to take preventive and corrective actions to incidental OH&S hazards for our employees ,subcontractors and visitors

Techno Management strongly believes and continuously improves itself as all of the workplace accidents and occupational diseases can be prevented ;

- Comply with the national and international OH&S laws and regulations to ensure continous improvement

- Defining of hazards,identify ing risks and do a risk analyze to have a sustainable preventive and controlling implementations

- İdentifying the risks that would possibly cause occupational disesases , accidents and incidents and take safety measures

- To ensure compliance with OH&S rules for all of our employees, subcontractors and our visitors

- To minimize work accidents and occupational diseases that would cause loss of business and labour , optimize the workplace safety and job performance

- To prevent occupational diseases and to protect workers physical and mental health against the possible ergonomic and pyscosocial factors in the workplace

- To have an emergency plan with all of the emegency cases are defined and to ensure everyone in the workplace is ready for emergency cases by performing first aid ,fire,search and rescue exercises

- To have a machinery and equipment safety in line with the OH&S rules

-To ensure the health and safety of our workers ,subcontractors and visitors by taking safety masure in line with the OH&S requirements and to provide personal protective equipments

- To train all of our workers according to the OH&S laws and regulations

- Providing continuous information and communication for the adoption of safety culture,

- Continiously reviewing the implementations and ensuring the continious improvements

We ensure all of our related parties that our company will continuously work on the OH&S improvements for a safe and healty workplace

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