As Tekno Family, our Human Resources policy is to deliver and enhance our quality, success and our pioneering vision which we obtained in many sectors that we specialise and work and to demonstrate high-level employee focused successful management and to convey this prospect with our employees, customers and stakeholders.

As we follow this process; our purpose is to create an efficient employee profile through motivating and encouraging both new employees who joined our family and also the existing ones who have been with us throughout journey. By following this vision, we aim to maintain this profile within our companies in order to blend the creativity, motivation and experience with synergy, team spirit, productivity and efficient use of resources.

Our main priority is to provide efficient employee training, increasing success through putting employees through effective performance evaluation and also acknowledging and rewarding high performances in order to support our employees who contribute to our establishment and provide them with career development opportunities by coaching and supporting them for self-progress and competency.

In every aspect of this process, we aim to demonstrate an employee friendly management and Human Resources process where the Executive Management and can be seen as a companion or a Strategic Partner which is among our most important goals.

Adopting a Transparent and Equal Management

Following the New Market Trends

Believing in the Principle of Constant Learning

Producing Growth Focused Projects

Demonstrating a Socially Responsible Concept

Demonstrating an Open Door Policy

Becoming a Strategic Partner

Prioritising Training as the Centre of Progress

The Principles of Human Resources Policy:

• Ensuring the sustainability of Open Door Policy throughout the company

• Including our employees to the processes through demonstrating a transparent, equal and participatory management

• Prioritising a customer-oriente d approach and focusing on the development of generating projects, ensuring all the employees are adding value to our work

• Demonstrating an approach which fulfils the criteria of the Quality Policy and Standards, as well as OSH policy.

• Prioritising training as the Centre of Progress and preparing, providing and implementing training programmes for all level of employment and management.

• Following the current markets trends and innovations and applying these for adaptation by feeding the innovation process with HR applications.

• Prioritising internal staff for open vacancies whom are our core values.

• Applying and demonstrating the policy of Right Position for Right Person and Right Person for Right Position.

• Continuously improving the organisational structure in order to quickly adapt to changes and developments.

• Designing, building, developing and operating an organisational structure which is prepared for constant learning.

• Planning of human resources in order to work effectively and efficiently and bringing skilled labour into the Tekno Family

• Bringing the problem-solving skills to the highest level, through demonstrating a solution-oriente d approach

• Improving employees' knowledge, skills and competencies as well as their relationships with institutions and individuals

• Collaborating with universities, vocational schools, institutions and non-governmental organizations

• Adopting, implementing and contributing to the Concept of Social Responsibility

• Strengthening our Eco-Friendly employee profile.

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