Tekno Group of Companies is a leader in its field in Turkey for 30 years. Besides offering the engineering solutions with the expert team, Tekno Ray Solar keeps the customer satisfaction on top with the after-sales service. Enerray S.p.A. is a part of 135 years old MACCAFERRI group. Enerray S.p.A. has proven it’s quality on technical tems with 1.2.GW of reference. Tekno Ray Solar is a reliable company with its experience in the sector and will keep on develping itself.

Economic Power

Enerray's turnover was € 5.5 million when it was founded in 2007. As of 2010 the numbers are over € 200 million. Enerray maintains its strong financial structure with after-sales maintenance services and the long-term agreements. The Industrial Group of MACCAFERRI has a consolidated annual turnover over EUR 2 billion and growing.

Tekno group of companies maintains its leadership in the sector wit its the growing structure since it is established in 1986, its value over EUR 100 million by the end of the year 2013 and A+ financial position.


Solar energy is a serious issue requires expertise, knowledge and experience. We, as being Tekno Ray Solar, have the experience and expertise of thousands of kW’s to provide the best solution in each area starting from the initial analysis for the design, implementation, commissioning, repairs and up to the remote control of the solar power plant that we will build for you.


Our team has an extensive and comprehensive experience on developing of the PV plant design and the operation and maintenance issues. The total capacity of the plants built by our team is more than 130,000 kwp'.


We provide 20 years of guarantee including both the facility equipments and implementation. We make special agreements with the major insurance companies which are carrying out maintenance policy with attractive prices.

Strong Industrial Relations Institute of owers

The lasting relationships we have made with EPDK (EMRA – Energy Market Regulation Association), TEDAS (Turkey Electricity Distribution Company) and Local Distribution Companies, helps us to provide knowledge and permissons required for the installation and connection of the facility the incentive plans.

Safety and Environment

To protect our own employees and our customers we apply legal procedures during the installation and operation of facilities (particularly regarding workplace safety)

We Focus on our customers' needs

Tekno Ray Solar develops an optimal solution in terms of incentives and guides you to make the accurate investment by presenting economic, technical and financial evaluations clearly.
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