Inverters (inverters), the machine that converts direct current generated by photovoltaic modules (DC) to alternating current.


During the implementation of the design voltage of the grid frequency values, current carrying capacity and so on. evaluated in accordance with important features such as inverters, due to 2 different philosophy used in the design are divided into two main types. These;

- String Type Inverters

- Central Type inverter.

In the series-type inverter design, produce direct current, from different points in the plant, while the low voltage transporting electricity converted into alternating current,

At the heart of such inverter design, moved to the plant's electricity output direct current is converted into alternating current output at the plant.

Since each brand of inverters with different specifications,

- Productivity

- Minimum Operating Voltage

- Maximum Worker Voltage

- Mains Frequency Range

- Internal Protection Features / Class

- Operating Temperatures

- IP Protection Class

- Nominal Output Voltage

such features are important aspects that need to be considered during selection.

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